Develop Your Unused Land without Spending any of Your Money

Ever wondered what life would be like if you won the lottery or found a stash of hidden treasure?

Imagine being able to:

Build a brand new home.

Pay off your mortgage.

Retire earlier.

Take your dream holiday.

And much, much more.

Despite what you may think, it’s all within reach. In fact, it’s in your very own backyard.

Think about all that excess land on your property. Why not take advantage of it to unlock significant wealth?

You can develop that land for a profit, and you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to do so.

All is revealed in Unlock the Cash in Your Backyard, a step-by-step guide to subdivide and develop your property.

$24.95 RRP + $5 postage and handling

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Why now is the perfect time to subdivide your property and make a profit


Current council rules and regulations are favourable – but future restrictions on subdivision could change this.


Tax office rules on superannuation top-ups (from principal residence sales) significantly reduce your tax burden… for now.


Capital gains tax (CGT) rules are still generous. But potential changes could increase CGT on your property.


Why wait to fulfil your dreams and make a positive impact on your life? You deserve to benefit now while you can enjoy it!



Keen to learn more?


Discover the 3 building blocks to financial freedom.

Boost your chances of property development success by setting a clearly defined end goal.

Learn about the 5 major development options, and which one is the right fit for you.

Maximise your profit by understanding when to cash in.

Meet Iva Norris

Iva Norris is the founder and director of Premier Property Developments, which specialises in local real estate investments and developments.

Iva started her first company in Brazil when she was 22, trading telephone lines, and later began buying and selling stocks. By age 28, she was a millionaire.

She then moved into property investment, buying and selling properties in Brazil and the United States, before coming to Australia.

Here she discovered the best model for generating wealth through property was in subdivision and development. As a result, she has built a dream team of town planners, property developers, architects, building designers, surveyors, solicitors, accountants, builders and real estate agents.

Drawing on her vast expertise in vendor finance, backyard development, and buying and selling commercial and residential real estate, Iva wrote Unlock the Cash in Your Backyard to help Australian homeowners unlock the ‘hidden treasure’ in their backyards and achieve their financial goals.

Iva outlines all the necessary steps to cash in on this hidden treasure. She also lists the professionals you need and how to engage them, plus a number of other helpful resources to ensure the process is as smooth – and as profitable – as possible.

Are you ready to supercharge your wealth?

In Unlock the Cash in Your Backyard, you’ll learn how to:

Determine if it’s financially viable to subdivide and develop your property.

Negotiate with your local council to obtain the best outcome for your development.

Select the right team of professionals to usher you through the process, step by step.

Understand when to cash out of your development for maximum profit.

If you want to achieve financial freedom for you and your family, Unlock the Cash in Your Backyard can help you do it.

$24.95 RRP + $5 postage and handling



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