Have You Ever Asked Yourself

“How Can I Get Money To…”

Renovate or subdivide my property?

Start a business, go on a trip or pay for kid’s education?

Retire earlier?

Fortunately, there is a solution:

Unlock the hidden cash in your backyard!

While many homeowners are aware of the benefits of property development, they do not know how to turn their oversized backyard into cash.
Melbourne is the fastest growing city in the country. It has added 1,800 people a week to its population, Melbourne will need another 2 million homes to accommodate this growth.

How we work

Let us help you to subdivide and develop your backyard in an easy, stress-free and profitable way.

Following the steps below together we will uncover the hidden value of your property, create a viable design, obtain the permits required, build the designed property and help you to realise your dreams. All we need is your address and we will perform a free assessment by:

01. Accessing your property information online.
03. Reviewing the concept design and project feasibility.
05. Managing the construction process.
02. Discussing development options.
04. Submitting and managing the permit applications.
06. Selling or renting your property.

To help unlock the cash in your backyard we will…

Organise and pay for the work involved in subdividing your property.

Manage the development and sale of your project.

Arrange relocation and potentially pay your rent during the construction.

About Us

Our Expertise

We specialise in helping homeowners to subdivide and develop their backyards without spending any of their own money.

Our Experience

Our team has more than 25 years of experience subdividing lots and has developed hundreds of homes and apartment blocks in Australia.

Meet Our Team

Iva Norris

Iva Norris has been investing in property since 2002. She is the author of the book ‘Unlock the Cash in Your Backyard’ and the founder of Premier Property Developments specializing in local real estate investments and developments. A former owner of three Century 21 agencies. Iva holds a full Real Estate license in Victoria.

John Herniman

John has been an architect for over 30 years. He specialises in townhouse, unit/apartment developments.

His second passion is property development. He has helped hundreds of clients developing their land and developed a number of his own projects.



Our Projects

“When I met Iva, I had no idea that I could use my property to develop without spending any of my money. After I learned about her approach, it was a no-brainer. By doing the joint venture with Iva by getting permits approved for the development of three townhouses,
I was able to sell my property for way more than if I had sold it as-is.
I couldn’t be happier.”

Tathra Street Testimonial
Tathra and Emma

We decided to sell our house to buy a countryside home for our retirement. The Premier’s Real Estate Team worked with us to value our property. They listened what we wanted and exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the outcome!

Greg and Sig

Premier had the right approach. They understood where I was at, my priorities, what my dream was. We sat down and discussed the options. This was different to other companies, other people did not do this. I felt comfortable, I could trust them.

Robyn Frances

Unlock the cash in your backyard

Call us today and find out how to get...

Renovate or subdivide your property.